Zume-games Bottle Battle


  • $79.99

Knocking a bottle off a pole with a frisbee sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong!

The game has a lot of names, and your friends might call it "beers-bee" or "disk-shoes", just "that game with the bottle on the pole", or, the best name of all, BOTTLE BATTLE! No matter what you call it, this surprisingly fast-paced flying disc game offers non-stop offensive and defensive action and requires more skill than what you might think.

Bottle Battle requires competitors to knock down their opponent's bottle/pole as the defensive team attempts to catch the disc and bottle before they hit the ground.

Easy to set up, play, and made for safe portable play, Bottle Battle is perfect for kids, beginners, or recreational play. Includes 1 regulation 175 Disc, 2 target bottles, 2 multi-surface base and pole assemblies, heavy-duty carrying case. Ideal for ages 6+.


  • Disc-throwing target game - knock the bottle off pole
  • Non-stop offensive and defensive action
  • Sets up on any surface in seconds - no tools or stakes required!
  • Perfect for tailgating, picnics, the beach, or the backyard
  • Includes: one disc, two bottles, two base/pole assemblies, and a drawstring carrying case to hold it all

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