Mainstreet Classics Sinister Table Top Air Powered Hockey


  • $39.99

If you've ever wanted all of the hard-hitting fun of billiards but had no space for a table, you are in luck with the Mainstreet Classics Table Top Air Hockey Mini Game Set!

This portable table can be taken with you wherever you want to play fast and furious action. The Table Top Air Hockey Table is the perfect size to play this fast-paced favorite anywhere with a flat surface, without committing space or funds to a full-size table. The small size doesn't take away any features that you've come to expect from Arcade style tables like a fully powered motor to provide the air cushion or a slide scorer to keep track of your wins. The convenient size allows you to bring your table to any room where there's a social gathering and store it away when the gathering has subsided.

The Table Top Air Hockey Mini Game Set includes all of the crucial accessories you need to play, sized perfectly for the miniature table: two pucks and two pushers.


  • The high flying game of air hockey is now available in a convenient tabletop package, all of the fun without committing to a full-size table.
  • Compact construction allows for maximum portability or storage when the play is over.
  • Features all the conveniences of a full-size arcade table, including a powerful motor for the full air hockey experience.
  • Keep it set up in a game room, or move it around for parties and social gatherings.
  • Includes two pucks and two pushers, all sized for the mini table.

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