Garlando Coperto Coin-Op Foosball Table -

Garlando Coperto Coin-Op Foosball Table


  • $2,834.99

The Garlando Coperto coin-operated foosball table has a gorgeous play area completely covered by an anti-break glass to reduce playing noise, keeping the playing field clean and above all, prevent theft of the ball. This model is enriched with all the most sophisticated details you can have on a foosball table, such as the playing field in sand-blasted glass, the anti-skid handles with wood inserts and much more. The cabinet opening is made easier by two gas struts, which support the upper part when lifted, to effect all cash collecting, inspecting and cleaning operations in full safety.  This is a top of the line foosball table and when it has Garlando on it you know it is quality!


  • The cabinet constructed from high quality multi-layer plywood coated with plastic laminate. The sturdiness of the materials utilized is increased by the remarkable thickness - 1 1/4" becoming 1 1/2" in the central band - to create a heavy duty structure for the toughest use.
  • The table structure is kept together by metal plates and brackets fastened by screws and bolts for easy replacing of all parts, even the wooden ones.
  • The classic styled slanted legs are made of the hardest beech wood for increased stability.
  • 16 mm telescopic rods in high resistance cold drawn steel, plated with 15 microns of anti-rust chromium. These are among the best and SAFEST in the industry and guaranteed for LIFE.
  • Players in plastic material (moplen) molded directly onto the bars, they do not move, cannot be displaced and maintain their positions perfectly.
  • Single man goalie.
  • Wood inserts in the handles help to reduce perspiration and improve grip.
  • Playing field of green plastic laminate with silk-screen printed white lines.
  • Abacus scorers.
  • Balls are introduced into the playing field manually through a converyor placed on the cabinet next to the coin mechanism. The system is completely sealed, to prevent ball theft.
  • The cabinet is covered by a tempered glass, which reduces the noise of the game and makes any game tampering impossible.
  • The cabinet can be opened to reach the inside. The upper cabinet is lifted effortless thanks to two gas struts, which also support the upper cabinet as long as it is lifted: all the operations can be carried out with full safety.
  • Detachable playing field: two locks enable to detach the playing field from the cabinet upper part for easy cleaning and parts replacing.
  • Housing for American style square-front push lever coin mechanism included.
  • 10 orange standard balls included, for increased visibility below the glass.
  • Assembly required.

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